Workflow2Go provides web services that can be consumed by any enterprise application. Using these web services, the application sends the information to be acted upon to a mobile device of any pre-configured user. Similarly, the application receives the response from the user and can then proceed accordingly.

Workflow2Go takes care of scenarios where the actions may not be performed on the mobile device but on some other device. For instance, if Anne gets a request for expense approval and is connected to the enterprise network, she may approve it directly on his laptop. The status of the same approval on her mobile device would show as ‘Approved Elsewhere’.

Workflow2Go Components:
  • Workflow2Go Enterprise Server
  • Workflow2Go Internet Server
  • Workflow2Go Apps on Mobile Devices

Workflow2Go Enterprise Server is the interface with enterprise applications that separates the on-premise IT systems from the services that Workflow2Go Internet Server accesses.

This component sits behind the enterprise firewall and exposes web services that allow applications to publish workflow requests and process responses from mobile devices. It can be configured and monitored remotely using a web interface and runs on .NET. User and device management is done through this module.

All data communication between the Workflow2GoEnterprise Server and the Workflow2Go Internet Server is encrypted and will be decrypted only on the mobile device. This provides a completely secure channel between your firewall and mobile device.

Workflow2Go Internet Server is the component responsible for establishing trusted relationships between mobile users and the enterprise and storing content in staging mode when requested by mobile users.

Workflow2GoInternet Server is hosted in a cloud-based infrastructure thereby delivering a cost-effective and scalable mobile platform. It ensures subscriber authentication and it records and tracks granular transactions for billing and consumption metering. This component requires no configuration from the user’s end. and accesses the Workflow2Go Enterprise Server using a secure SSL connection.

Workflow2Go Mobile Apps handle all type of workflows, alerts and notifications on BlackBerry® smartphone, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad®, Android™ and Windows Mobile devices.

Managers & Employees in the field get updated lists of actionable workflow requests and can action them right on the spot. Theworkflow requests are available on the mobile devices offline and can by synchronized either manually or automatically.

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