[+] What does Workflow mean?

A very good definition of workflow would be "the movement of documents around an organisation for purposes including sign-off, evaluation, performing activities in a process and co-writing."

[+] What is Workflow2Go?

Workflow2Go is the interface that enables the workflow between enterprise applications and the most popular smartphones that are being used by a vast majority of the employees.

Workflow2Go enables real time overview of relevant data for employees on the move and it speeds up processes through mobile approval of workflows.

[+] Who uses Workflow2Go?

Workflow2Go can practically be used by anyone where there is a need to receive some information from a mobile user based on information available in any system.

A few examples are-

  • Managers to take informed decisions (Purchase approvals, Expense approvals, Travel approvals, Sales Discount approvals etc.) while on the move
  • Sales Persons to accept and act on leads while on the field
  • Service technicians to receive and updated service tickets
  • Courier pick up persons to accept and confirm pick-ups for processing
  • All the employees for Surveys, Pools, Alerts etc
  • Auditors and storekeepers for physical verification of field assets

[+] What ERP processes can be 'mobilized' by Workflow2Go?

Workflow2Go can 'mobilize' any ERP process that requires some workflow. Common examples of processes that could be mobilized would include:

  • CRM – Lead distribution & updation, Service ticket assignment and feedback,
  • SCM – Purchase order approval, RFP approval
  • HR – Recruitment Budget Approvals, Position Approvals
  • Finance – AP Approval, Physical Asset inventory confirmation,
  • Other – Employee Expense Approvals, Travel Approvals, Surveys, Alerts

[+] What are the Benefits of Workflow2Go?

  • Work offline – Flights, Low coverage areas
  • Enterprise Grade Security – The data on the internet and over the wire/air and on the device are all in encrypted form only
  • Reliable – Messaging technique ensures that no action item or response is lost in transit
  • Easy to use - Simple non cluttered interface
  • Push notifications and alerts
  • Flexible – Can be integrated with practically any on-premise or on-cloud software
  • Works on most popular smartphones and tablets

[+] What are the hardware and software requirements to use Workflow2Go?

There are 2 options -
  • Use our Workflow2Go Cloud which will provide you with everything you need on a SaaS basis. There will be no capital cost and our charges will be based on a per user per month basis. SSL access will be provided ensuring medium level security.
  • Install an IIS server behind your firewall and load the Workflow2Go Enterprise Server on it. The sizing of this server will depend on the number of applications, number of users and number of action items. This option is for very high security as no unencrypted data is sent or received over the internet or wireless routes.

[+] What kind of in-house expertise is required to implement Workflow2Go?

You will need your programmers or implementation partners to enable your enterprise applications to consume the Workflow2Go web services. No special training or expertise is required for this task. If any assistance is required, then we have specific support packs to address this.

On an ongoing basis, you will need someone to administer and configure your new applications to work with Workflow2Go. Usually, this task can be done by your application management team or help desk.

[+] Which mobile devices are supported?

  • BlackBerry Smartphone OS 4.2.1 and later
  • iPad / iPhone / iPod touch 4.3 and later
  • Android OS 2.1 and later
  • Windows 8 and BlackBerry 10 are under development

[+] What are the security features?

Data is encrypted using the Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) when it is being transmitted from the Workflow2Go Enterprise Server to the Workflow2Go Internet Server and is decrypted only once it reaches the mobile device where it is intended to be read. Similarly, any responses from the mobile devices are encrypted at the device and then decrypted only once they reach the Workflow2Go Enterprise Server. This ensures that only encrypted data is transmitted over the internet.

The data is stored in the mobile device in an encrypted form and thus is protected from any rogue applications that may be loaded on the same device.

SSL connections are used right from the firewall till the mobile devices thus providing additional security during authentication and data transfer.

[+] How can i get a demo?

A demo version is available for all devices and connects to our demo systems:

[+] How can I buy Workflow2Go?

You can contact us at sales@workflow2Go. Our sales team will then work with you and your ERP team to integrate Workflow2Go with your ERP.

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